For most people, their backyard is a haven and an escape from the outside world. It is usually a place where people go to de-stress, spend quality time with each other, family and friends.

Therefore, the backyard of your home should contain elements that will ensure complete relaxation. Renovating or improving this space can be a big or small project, depending on the size of your yard.

There are a lot of ideas for how you can transform your space into a whimsical, serene and stimulating environment.

Whether you plan to undertake the renovation yourself or hire a landscaping professional, here are five backyard renovation ideas for your home.

Create a deck or patio

A covered space connected to the back of your home can be just what you need for entertaining guests or enjoying a summer’s night with your family.

If you have a small backyard, the deck can help to give an illusion of more space as the green yard is differentiated from the rest of the house. The best decking timber to use will depend on your budget and desired final appearance.

You can use big comfortable chairs and lounges with a good number of pillows in colourful prints.

A small swing seat is a furniture choice that not only provides extra sitting space but also adds to the comfort and appeal of the area.

Use plants and flowers

Flowerbeds, plant pots and hanging baskets can give your yard a lot of character and help to create an inspiring space.

You might need to remove some trees to create space where you can add smaller plants. To offset tree removal costs, you can hollow out the tree stumps and use the hollow as a planter for succulents and shrubs.

Raised flowerbeds can help you create a partition in your yard, allowing you to carve out paths or platforms easily.

Geometric planters or pots shaped like mythical creatures are some unusual ideas that can add a dash of uniqueness to your backyard. Use a variety of plants that bloom throughout the year to ensure colour all the year-round.

Add a water feature

The sound of water moving gently over a stone path or flowing from a spout has been known to create a very relaxing sensation.

A water feature can, therefore, give off a calm ambience while also serving aesthetic purposes. A waterfall which flows out into a pond can be installed.

Plants and rocks can be used to add to the beauty of the feature. A fountain is a smaller, but just as beautiful, a water feature that can serve as the focal point of your backyard.

Use your imagination to create unique pieces to serve as water spouts and receiving pools. If you have ample space, you can choose to combine the fountain, waterfall and pond for a truly magnificent sight.

Build a gazebo or arbour

A small, covered gazebo in your backyard will not only add to the beauty of the space, but it will serve as a great place to sit with a book, observe your surroundings and entertain guests.

To give it more personality, you can build it in the form of a small castle, a miniature model of your house, or any other structure that appeals to you and your family.

A panel of screens can be added to the gazebo in other to ward off insects on summer nights.

An arbour can also be an excellent addition that will enhance the beauty of your backyard. Climbing vines and trellis plants in all colours can be added for an extra burst of character.

Add a fire pit

A lot of memories can be created by sitting around a small fire with your family.

A fire pit can be built with stones, bricks or other materials that can be safely used around fires. The pit can either be a hollow structure, with the ground serving as the base or a raised platform with a small hole in the middle to contain the fire.

There are so many options in creating a unique backyard. Enjoy designing and spending time in this unique space.

Image Pixabay License CCO