Paul Disher – Disher’s Fencing Australia

I started the business by offering a fence building service in 1993. Having previously grown up on the farm I had learned to put my hand to anything that my client might request.

Before long I was welding and fabricating gates from out of my garage. Due to an excellent service record, my business continued to grow. I moved the business into a factory and began to employ professional fabricators.

Paul DisherMy wife and I share a passion for restoring old heritage houses.

Over the years my business had become very profitable but I was also becoming bored with what we were doing. As I travelled throughout the cities and towns of Australia I have always taken notice of heritage architecture.

As a result, I developed a passion for early Australian designs in Gates And Fencing. As I travelled I took photos. I gave the photos to my craftsman and they were able to duplicate these original designs. We experimented using steel but corrosion proved to be a problem.

The solution came by upgrading to noncorrosive aluminium. Also, we learned to perfect the art of powder coating them for a long-lasting finish. My business is not as big as it used to be but I love what I do and I take great pride in selling the highest quality Heritage gates and fences available in Australia today.

Phone: 0411 390 454