Beautiful Australian Heritage Gates

  • Circa 1880-1930 Australian Designs
  • Emu Wire Gates and Fencing, Hand Made with Excellence
  • Wrought-iron look made from Non-Corrosive Aluminium
  • Packaged & Delivered Australia Wide
  • Standard Colour: Powder Coated White
  • Automatic gate installation
  • Alternative Colours and decorative farm gates available upon request

How our Australian Heritage and Emu Wire Gates are Made

Gate frames are shaped using a pipe bender and the scrolls are handmade and cold-formed using basic hand tools. The finished gate is TIG welded together.



Heritage Gate Range and Design

All of our gates and the pricing include the supply of standard gate hardware.

Our product catalogue includes stocked sizes. The given size is the distance that is required inside Between the posts to accommodate both gates and gate hardware.

All of the stocked items are made best to suit a 1200mm high fence surround.

Stocked Item List and Gate Widths

(based on the distance between posts)

  • Cornelia pedestrian gates: 1050mm
  • Cornelia double driveway gates: 3050mm or 3650mm
  • Lydia pedestrian gates: 1050mm
  • Lydia double driveway gates: 3050mm
  • Selah pedestrian gates: 1050mm
  • Selah double driveway gates: 3050mm
  • Jasmine pedestrian gates: 1050mm
  • Jasmine double driveway gates: 3050mm

Yes, we supply Custom-made made Arabella Gates.

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    Powder Coating and Maintenance

    If powder coating is done properly it will last for many years. The preparation of the base metal product is most important. It is not only cleaned of all impurities, but the metal is also dipped in a chemical that changes the composition of the surface of the metal so that the powder coat will bond.

    The powder is applied using an electromagnetic field and then placed in an oven to cook at a high temperature. The finished result is comparable to the Duco on a car.

    Some minor maintenance is recommended to prevent the buildup of surface impurities. Simply give it a wash every six months using a soft cloth and a light detergent.
    Darker colours will eventually fade in 5 to 10 years but the lighter colours will be the same for many years to come.

    Free Warranty

    The warranty is for 12 months. If there are any flaws with the product it will certainly show up during that time. We promise to fix or if need be replace the product if it is obviously a manufacturing fault.

    Customised Heritage Arches


    Arabella Rose Arches

    Arrabella Rose Arches are more than just garden arches. In fact, these archers are a standalone architectural feature that is made to be admired.

    The Arabella Rose Arches …….

    • Are made to be used in conjunction with the Standard size gates that Dishers can supply
    • Architecturally designed to withstand high wind
    • Carries heavy loads of vines
    • Holds up under the stress inflicted by robust vines such as Wisteria.
    • Made from 100% noncorrosive aluminium
    • Powder coated with a long-lasting finish.
    • Create a grand entrance to a garden
    • Are frequently used to decorate wedding venues
    • Great for photo props.
    • Used as shaded areas for garden tea parties.

    Widths available

    • 1050mm W ( fits 1 * 1000mm W single gate)
    • 1550mm W ( fits 1 * 1500mm W single gate)
    • 3050mm W ( fits 2 * 1500mm W Gates )
    • 3650mm W ( fits 2 * 1800mm W Gates )

    Arabella archesCustomised Arches

    Our arches can be made to non-standard sizes in both depth width and height.

    Colour choices: Any of the colour bond range.


    • Height: Side panels 2000 mm and arched upwards e.g, the wider the arch the higher the centre point.
    • Depth: 1290mm W side panels.
    • Posts: 65mm x 65mm x 3mm and come with bolt down footings that also slide out as an extension for in-ground installations.
    • Post Capitals: round die cast aluminium.
    • Mesh: 4mmx 50mm security screen.

    Arched roof cross members:
    A) 1050mm to 1550mm wide : 3 x 38 x 25mm RHS

    B) 3050mm and 3650mm: Front: 2 x 38 x 25mm RHS. Back: 40mm x 40mm x 3mm wt, SHS
    Scrolls: 20mm x 3mm flat.