A #LydiaGate from Dishers Fencing proudly announces the entrance into our daughters garden wonderland situated in south-east Queensland . Miriam and her husband Don have worked hard to achieve this excellent result.
Our four grandchildren have made full use of every nook and cranny. In amongst the shrubs in the trees and even under the house, cubby houses, frog Ponds, a playground. Treasures also lie hidden , some long since forgotten hidden among the undergrowth.
Here is a place that memories are being forged in their young minds Memories that will help keep them through the hard times when life gets tough.
In 50 – 60 years time they themselves will be the grandparents, having done the hard yards , ´┐╝watching over their grandchildren , finding joy once again as they relive their own childhood dreams of a of a time and a garden Paradise when life was carefree and the world seemed like an innocent place
– Heritage Australian Design
– Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum.
For more Info Ph Paul Disher on 0411390454
Caleb opens the Lydia Gate to welcome Nina & Poppy
The Children have built there own Landscaped entrance to there own leafy retreat
A Garden Paradise is not complete without the pet Bantams